My Story

About me...

My name is Donna Tashjian. I am so happy you are here.

You may have been taught how to cope with your fears and challenges.  You may have used willpower for a while.  But what I will teach you is how to obliterate those fears and challenges.  You will learn the tools to make destroy them not just coping mechanisms.

~Some History~

I have been a speaker to organizations, churches, and a coach and mentor to individuals since 1990.  In 2016 I founded Vibrant Living International, a nonprofit organization, to help people live to their fullest potential across the world.

Growing up in a blended large family, that moved a lot and struggled with having enough money I learned a belief system.  I learned that no matter what I did it could have been better, the only perfection was acceptable, to be concerned about having enough, and the list goes on.

And then it got even a lot harder, as a teenager I became a mom.  This spiraled a whole other list of emotions.  Hopelessness, self-doubt, shame, fear, loneliness just to make a few.

The main thing that brought me through was my faith.    It has been my foundation.

The things I have learned over the past 40 years have prompted me to launch Vibrant Living International and focus on you!  My clients often say I have a knack for turning fear into excitement and exposing lies so the truth can shine through.


~Some of my Education & Experience~

  • Public Speaker since 1990
  • Mastery Coach Certification
  • Life Coaching Certification
  • Health Coaching Certification
  • Ordained Minister

~My Family~

My husband and I were married in 1984 and now live in beautiful Grand Rapids, MI. We have 2 daughters and a son. They are married and have given us 8 grandchildren.  I am blessed!

What has changed...?

My life has radically changed going back to school for my coaching degrees and then launching Vibrant Living International.  I look at life differently and am showing up big to achieve my dreams.  I look forward to every day with excitement.

But, my favorite part of being a Life Mastery Coach, Speaker & Minister is YOU!  Please feel free to read the testimonies from clients, just like you, on the home page. I am an avid learner continuing to grow and learn. Life is exciting and Vibrant!

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