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Through this program, you will discover how to turn your baggage into luggage to live the life you have always dreamed of.  

This proven simple life-changing program has transformed hundreds of women's life even when they had been in counseling for years.

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    • Creating Vision
    • Developing New Perspectives
    • Releasing Weight
    • Prepare for Next Steps


Here's What You Will Learn!

Do you feel chained to what happened in your past?

Learn the secrets to releasing the past emotions and live a peaceful, relaxed life while building the life you love. 

Do you feel life is too complicated and will never change?  

Learn how to live a life of simplicity and contentment in simple easy steps

Do you feel driven to prove someone wrong?  Always feeling stressed and pressure to do more? 

Learn the secrets to living a peaceful, relaxed life while getting more done than you ever imagined!

Do you bottle your emotions and feel like if you let them out they would explode?  

Donna will share how she learned to process her emotions safely & effectively leading to deeper relationships. 

Do you feel like if people really knew you they wouldn't accept you?  

We often wear multiple masks we think to keep people happy.  Learn the truth that can set you free to be you while developing deeper relationships.  

Are you stuck on the hamster wheel in life feeling like you never get enough done? 

Discover how to escape the soul-crushing reasons most women feel like they never do enough. 


More Details:

  • 12 sessions of group coaching meeting bi-weekly
  • Activation work
  • Meeting's held on Zoom
  • Meetings are recorded if you run into a scheduling problem but do everything possible to be present.
  • Variety of Group times & days available


  • 90-minute Transformational Personal Coaching Session
  • 2+ hours of prerequisite video coaching and activation workbook

Also available in 1-1 coaching program

b2l winter session

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Meet Donna Tashjian

  • Your Empowering Life Mastery Coach
  • Creator of Transformational Program “Your Confident Life"
  • For the past 20+ years she has researched, studied, lived it & learned how to overcome a painful and difficult childhood from her own experience.
  • She is one of the most intuitive & compassionate women on the planet.
  • Author~Speaker~Podcaster
  • Wife, Mom & Grandmother
  • Tea lover
  • Enjoys Jazz