4 Reasons Diet Fail…

I can’t take it anymore, Blanche said as she looked in the bathroom mirror at herself.  It’s the new year—I have to lose weight. She got online and purchased the latest diet book and the little voice in her head said she would do it this time.   

Blanche began to weigh herself every morning and calculate how long it would take to reach her goal weight if she lost two pounds a week.  She cleaned out her cabinets and drawers. She began to drink more water, walk and the weight began to come off—never mind that part of it was water and maybe even muscle.  She felt better and the little voice said, “This feels good.


Then a little later the inevitable day came when there was no weight loss.  She saw other people eating ice cream and the little voice in her head said, “This is too hard!” Later that day she bought a bag of candy.  The little voice in her head said, “You’ve been so good, you can have one piece. You deserve it. You can walk more tomorrow.”


Before she knew it the whole bag was gone.  The voice said, “Well you blew it now. You’ll never do this!  You are such a loser!”


And so the cycle began again….


There are other options to this cycle.  


Let’s talk about 4 reasons diets don’t work….   

1. Diets fail as weight loss programs because it is temporary plan.  Yes, you lose weight, but about 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years.  It won’t work in the long run.


2. Diet-Overeat Cycle— The deprivation of restrictive diets may lead to a diet-overeat or diet-binge cycle. And since your body doesn’t want you to starve, it responds to overly-restrictive diets by slowing your metabolism which of course makes it harder to lose weight.


3. Over restrictive diets take the pleasure out of eating.  We cannot maintain that for the long term.



4. Fad diets can be harmful. They may lack essential nutrients. Moreover, they teach you nothing about healthy eating. Thus, when you’ve “completed” your fad diet, you simply boomerang back to the unhealthy eating patterns that caused your weight gain in the first place! This is the beginning of “yo-yo dieting,” which can bring its own health problems in its wake.


There is another way…


My clients learn there is another way. 

They learn…

1. What foods work best with their body.

2. How to detect the true difference between hunger and fullness?

3. Why am I eating?

4. Skills to change the cycle to a healthy lifestyle.

What do I do? 

Here are 2 things you can do today to change the cycle and learn more…

  1. Make a comment below and request some free resources. I will happily send them to you.  Or you can contact me by email at ivibrantliving@gmail.com

 2. Schedule your discovery session here today.  It is an personalized coaching session.  Click here to watch a short video to learn more. I guarantee you will be glad you did.

Until next time!

Live Vibrantly,


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