Emotional eating

10 Tips to Avoid Overeating!

As I strolled into a local store, I gazed up at the beautiful leaves with the sun shining through them and I breathed deeply exhaling with a contented sigh.    As I entered the store I was overcome with isles of candy & decorations ranging from Halloween, Thanksgiving to Christmas.  The Holiday season has begun in full swing.  As I begin to…

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What Am I Really Craving?

Have you noticed that you are craving certain foods and are not really hungry?  I know I have felt that way.   When a craving doesn’t come from hunger, eating will never satisfy it! I am making available a FREE checklist to common causes of these cravings.  A photo of it is shown below.  You can…

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Cravings 101

Hunger and cravings are different; hunger is the need for fuel while cravings are an intense desire for a specific food—with or without hunger. Learning strategies for handling cravings is essential! What Causes Cravings? Hunger – Whenever you feel like eating, pause to ask, “Am I hungry?” You can be hungry and crave a specific…

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