Let’s look at Eeyore

We hear all the time to look at the positive and to be thankful.  But sometimes it feels hard to walk out with the stress and pressures of life.  With that in mind, for the next few weeks, we are going to talk about habits or mindsets that prevent us from being thankful.   We all know we should be, but it isn’t always easy to choose an attitude of gratitude.   It is an essential ingredient to living a joy-filled life.   So let’s look at four of eight common blocks from living with gratitude to the fullest.  In honor of Eeyore, here we go!

  4 of 8 Common Habits or Mindsets Prohibit Gratitude


  1. Rearview mirror instead of the windshield – This is the habit of looking at the future through the lens of the past.  And it is choosing to look at what went wrong in the past and expectation and preparation for bad to happen again.


2. Surrounded by excess noise or busyness – I am referring to the constant noise of everyday modern life. The constant social media connections, commitments, obligations, looming deadlines, and the list goes on. The constant feeling of urgency.


3. Overindulge in media – watching excessive amounts of television, news and other media outlets easily produce fear and dread.  Watching the news presents problems we do not have answers for.  It’s overwhelming.


4. Needing the first piece of cake – If she wins then I lose.  If she gets it then I won’t.   It’s the subtle feeling that there is scarcity.  There is not a limited supply of goodness or abundance.  (Learn more about this in my  (“Life By Design” Program)

So how did you do?  I would love to hear your thoughts by commenting below.  Which ones do you need to give attention to?  What are some gratitude amplifiers you could use in your life?

Next time I will share the next four habits or mindsets that prohibit gratitude.  Stay tuned!


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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