Our Thoughts = Our Quality of Life!

Let's Kick Anxiety & Depression!

We know a healthy body produces energy. From the foods you eat, exercise and movement are keys to being energetic or feeling lethargic.


In the same way, a healthy mind produces peace & joy.    Stressful & negative thoughts reduce our peace and rob our joy. Joy is a state of mind that must be pursued and cultivated.    This course is specially designed to show you how to do that.

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What's Your Mental Diet?

Take a look at the list below.  Which do you resonate with more? Which reflects your mental diet?

Would you like to resonate with mentality list #2?


  • Sadness
  • Frustration
  • Runaway thoughts
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Pain
  • Hopelessness


  • Joy
  • Contentment
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Comfort
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Confidence
  • Well-being
  • Positive

This course is about thinking very different than the average person. It is built on faith and foundation is from the verse Philippians 4:8.  This course will revolutionize your life.  As you apply the truths, I guarantee you will experience more joy, peace and confidence. Kick Anxiety & Depression to the curb.  Step into Joy!

It’s time for you to unlock the secrets to a life filled with abundant joy.

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You may choose between 2 options described below in detail.   Personalized coaching or self-learning program.

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online program

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20 Audio messages

The messages are filled with inspiring stories and life-changing concepts from years of experience and wisdom gleaned from others.

20 Activations Exercises

Each powerful message is accompanied by exercises to put into practice what you have learned.

20 Declarations

The words we speak to build our future. It is difficult to know what to speak.  20 revolutionary affirmations to build a life filled with joy!


On completion of the program you will receive a power coaching with Donna.

Weekly Email Support--Send Donna questions you have during the program.


Product Title: Self-Learning Choose Joy Program
Description: Choose Joy Transformational Course 20 Audio messages, 20 Activations & bonus personal coaching session with Donna
Price: $95