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Donna has been such a God send! The wisdom she brings from years of coaching has truly been life changing! The growth I’ve experience over the past 4 months of working with her will stay with me for a lifetime. Just one of the many things she has helped me with is changing my inner dialogue from a negative monologue to a positive dialogue.


Donna has a way about her to be understanding and empathetic about where you are while also encouraging you to grow and stretch to where and who you could be.


If you’ve even thought about coaching or are feeling stuck in your life, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Donna! It might just be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. Because as she will tell you, you’re worth the investment!


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Where to even start? Donna is incredible and I feel like I could write a novel about this!
Donna can see the value and strength in people.  When people come to Donna and feel like they are falling apart, she believes the very best of  them and helps them to see it also, while having compassion for what they are going through and where they are. She is completely selfless when she spends time with people- there’s nothing in her that is looking for affirmation or approval of others. She doesn’t even have to speak - people feel loved and cared for just by being in her presence. And most importantly, Donna is like an assistant to what God is doing in people’s lives. She speaks what she hears Him saying, and it cuts through the lies to help them see the truth and in doing so, changes people’s entire worlds.
She is a powerful person and  she has changed my life.

Since starting the 90-day program I've been on a journey like no other I've experienced before.

I always knew I was obsessed with self-image, weight issues, and a diet craze mindset. Trust me, I've done every diet out there. I've always been hard on myself for never achieving my unrealistic expectations of self. I just never really knew how to get off the rollercoaster ride of ups and down. I never stopped to just love myself, right where I'm at. To look in a mirror and say," wow... I like you, actually I love you". (Still working on that) but Donna is so patient, so kind and loving, I don't feel pressured to achieve it all at once.

I haven't even got to the part of losing unnecessary weight yet. It just feels great to have the pressure off and to start to care for me in a healthy realistic way. I feel like every time I meet with Donna I receive another key to unlock the healthy beautiful me that has been wanting to surface forever. I actually believe in me for the first time.

My hope is to not only unlock all of the beautifully me but to shine so bright that others would see that there is true vibrant healthy living to discover and enjoy. And when asked, "How did you find this help? I'll tell them, my Lord Jesus guided me to a wonderful coach, friend to help me navigate my way out of the darkness"!



Dear Future Client,

It's my absolute pleasure to recommend Donna Tashjian as a Life Coach.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Donna through he "Find The SuperHero Within" coaching program and came to know her as a benefit to anyone looking for personal growth.  She is honest, dependable, and incredibly caring.  Beyond that she is a coach who will move you toward results.

Donna has been a joy to work with.  She always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of us, while gently guiding us toward self-knowledge and personal improvement.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Donna.  Please feel free to contact me at 616-901-0115 if you would like to discuss my recommendation.

Best Wishes,


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When I first started with Donna, I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. My thoughts were hopeless and focused on all my problems. I felt lost and unmotivated. I lost the sparkle in my eye.
I wasn't being honest with myself as to what  I was  feeling, so I stuffed my feelings. I was a people pleaser and not taking care of myself emotionally. I had lots of stress in my life, which little-by-little took a toll on my body, mind, spirit and soul.
I came to Donna with an empty spiritual tool belt. She has given me many tools and helping me live out God's purpose for my life.
I learned from her that I want to approach things in life with curiosity and not judgment.
I will be confident in my speaking and say what I really feel. I want to  know my destiny and begin to do it.
She helped me deal with my anger emotion inside.  She had helped me to take steps toward being a confident woman. I speak with confidence now and I am enjoying a closer relationship with my husband and family.
Today, I  have so much hope in my life and am motivated to follow my dreams. I am imagining all kinds of  things for my future, like writing a devotional book, taking steps to get rid of the stressors, and leading a Bible Study for women. I have a very good relationship with my husband now and I got the sparkle back in my eyes.
Donna has been a great life coach!

I have always struggled with depression, low self-esteem.  I have been to so many counselors and only to have them be a bandaid for a sort period of time.  I have used up all my energy trying to please people so they will love me.  I was referred to Donna and came to her as a fragile, raw, emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted women.  

My first visit with her, I was in awe of her peaceful, non-judgmental, loving presence.  I told her I didn’t believe there was any hope for me.  But that soon changed.  No matter what I’ve done to screw up, she said it was ok and loved me through it.   

I have grown so much during my time with Donna.   Probably one of the biggest accomplishments that I will be forever thankful to her is she lead me back to the arms of my Heavenly Father.  I now know that I am loved, forgiven and grace has been given.  I now know I am not trapped in the past.  I have a hope and a bright future. 

Don't hesitate to make the first step and schedule an appointment with her.  You will be so glad you did. 



Meeting with Donna on a weekly basis and getting one-on-one input from her was a really powerful experience for me and it was what I really needed to make changes in my life. Donna is an excellent choice for a health/life coach. She's tough when it's needed but overall graceful in encouraging the next steps for healthy success. I was stuck in unhealthy patterns which were making it very hard to de-stress and lose weight.

Donna started giving me insights, practical tactics, and the empowerment I needed to start moving forward. With these tools, I've learned how to stop stress early because I'm more aware and how to create a better routine in my life.

By doing what Donna's taught me, I've already lost 10 pounds! I highly recommend Donna and hope you decide to get the help she's ready and able to give. She can help you gain the progress you've hoped for and the confidence you need to go further.


I was convinced by Donna 's down to earth approach to Vibrant Living. She helped me realize I could make a significant difference in how I feel by making simple dietary changes. I now read labels with discernment as to what is in the foods I buy, I really do feel more energized, and have formed a healthy but manageable approach to diet, excersize and a proactive mental attitude. Thanks to Donna and her positive coaching, I feel revitalized and not deprived by making good choices!